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Groupon is a reliable American local marketplace where you can buy services and make your life hassle-free and interesting. The eCommerce marketplace connects subscribers and local merchants by providing travel, activities, goods and services in 13 nations worldwide.

The main highlight of the marketplace is that you can buy vouchers for various products and services at discounts. You can use these vouchers to buy a specific product or service on its official site. In case, a business calls off its vouchers, you can return your voucher and get a refund.

What dog allergy tests Groupon offers?

Groupon offers a choice of dog allergy tests that are highly trusted for their accurate and insightful results. Before we talk about these tests in detail, let’s learn about the brand.

Groupon brings you deals on many allergy test kits for dogs. These tests help determine the sources of annoying allergies in your pet. 

You also find deals on pet DNA testing kits that pinpoint the breed or lineage of your dog. Accordingly, you can give the right care to your furry buddy. 

Details of the Products

At Groupon, you’ll find the following dog allergy test kits:

This test kit uses a sample of your dog’s saliva and identified many factors your canine might be allergic to. It’s made to discover sensitivities and intolerances for 150+ various factors to determine household and environmental allergens. 

The kit includes a sample collection device, instructions to take the sample, and packaging to send it to the laboratory. You get results in just 2-3 weeks after sending the sample. It’s a fast, easy and non-invasive way to determine allergens to your dog.

You’ll get your order delivered within 7 working days from the date of purchase.

DNA My Dog is a simple-to-use, at-home DNA cheek swab kit that helps determine the breeds in your dog. With this kit, you can find out about the unique genetic background of your pet. These must be interesting details for you.

The kit includes two sterile swabs, one of which is meant for backup. Once you’ve sent the sample to the laboratory, you’ll get results in just 2 weeks. The result report consists of all breeds in the test dog’s DNA and a custom certificate.

In addition, the DNA My Dog test also helps figure out the exact genetic age of your dog.


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