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What Are The Dog Allergy Testing Companies?

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Allergy symptoms in dogs can cause discomfort so extreme that pet owners can find it difficult to bear. Also, long-term allergy symptoms can result in other health issues. Stomach problems from negative food reactions can result in dehydration, lethargy, and weight loss. Furthermore, dogs with allergic skin symptoms can develop extreme infections from continuous chewing, licking, and scratching. 

The 5Strands Pet Food and Environmental Intolerance test kits can test for over 380 environmental items and food ingredients. This dog allergy testing company scans your dog’s hair sample, typically 10 to 15 strands using bio-resonance technology. This process creates a profile of energies that emanate from your pet. Furthermore, you also get a test that comes with easily understandable reports. 

Every result is colour-coded with red given to foods and triggers your dog needs to avoid, while yellow highlights those allergens you should use with caution. The test also comes with the necessary lifestyle and dietary guidelines, including a necessary elimination diet inspired by the results.

UCARI Intolerance is a dog allergy testing company capable of testing for 300 environmental allergens and 350 food allergens. It is capable of analysing skin sensitivities and nutritional imbalances. UCARI has one of the quickest turnarounds for test results, with it claiming to provide results in just 2 days. 

It is also the most affordable dog allergy test as it uses bioresonance technology to measure the electromagnetic signals from your dog’s hair sample. Apart from being able to test for 300 environmental factors and 350 foods, it can test for 100 of the most prevalent pet care ingredients. UCARI also claims that it can test for more than 400 prospective nutritional imbalances in your dog. One drawback is that this dog allergy testing company cannot measure your dog’s immune response.

This testing kit is capable of breaking down your dog’s intolerances into categories, ranking them from highest to lowest: Severe, moderate, or normal. You also get actionable advice to ease your dog’s symptoms.

Affinity DNA is a dog allergy test manufacturer that focuses on helping dog parents discover the potential reasons for their dog’s issues, whether they be biological or behavioural. Affinity DNA also states that its dog allergy test can help dog owners avoid prospective allergens, ensuring that your dog is no longer exposed. This is dog allergy test kit is an at-home one, meaning that it can be done at home.  

Affinity DNA states that it is a painless experience for your dog, with minimal distress and hassle. This test is capable of detailing 116 of the most widespread possible allergens, irrespective of them being food related or environmentally related. Tests from this dog allergy testing company typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to become available. 

The test in itself is quite simple. Dog owners are provided with a kit containing the necessary instructions on how to collect a viable sample. Affinity DNA has a detailed report that outlines some of the products and food items your dog reacts to, ensuring that you have peace of mind when your dog is around. 

Glacie Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is capable of testing more than 300 triggers or stressors in your dog’s environment and dog using a unique method based on western holistic medicine, homeopath, and traditional Chinese medicine. 

This test uses energetic analysis with a biofeedback device. According to this dog allergy testing company’s websites, the biofeedback is capable of reading the energetic resonance typically gotten from saliva and hair samples. Simply put, this test helps to measure the imbalances that indicate a sensitivity or intolerance to certain triggers. This dog allergy testing company is great for those that want a holistic solution for their dog.

Compared to other dog allergy testing companies highlighted on this list, NutriScan is the only dog food allergy manufacturer that can seamlessly identifies food ingredient intolerances. This test, however, is incapable of testing for fleas, pollen, mould, and other environmental allergens. The NutriScan test was created by a world-renowned vet with experience in pet nutrition. This test before its release conducted 2 clinical trials to validate its efficacy. These clinical trials tested more than 23,000 dogs to ensure that it is fit for use. 

It is capable of measuring antibodies present in reactions to 24 primary foods such as corn, soy, chicken, beef and more. As a saliva test, it is capable of telling you what foods your dogs should avoid. The test reports show the levels of intolerance your dog has to the tested foods and ranks them using four categories: no reaction, borderline, immediate, and high.

The EasyDNA dog allergy kit is capable of testing more than 120 common environmental and food allergens. It does so by measuring the antibodies in the dog’s saliva against each allergen. Antibodies are created by the immune system when something foreign invades the body. High level of antibodies show intolerance and sensitivity to a particular item. 

This is an at-home kit in which you collect your dog’s saliva sample before mailing it off. You will get a report by 3 weeks via email. The report will rank each substance, from no reaction to mild intolerance, to strong intolerance. For every allergen your dog has a mild or strong intolerance to, the report will provide details concerning that substance and the symptoms to watch out for. 

The report will also include extensive lifestyle and dietary guidelines on topical treatments, elimination diets, corticosteroids, and supplements like probiotics. 


As a dog parent, it can be heart-wrenching to see your dog suffer from allergies. Thankfully, there are a plethora of options to select from to help you whittle down the prospective causes. Dog allergy testing companies can be a godsend, especially for those unable to afford vet visits or vet testing.


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